Global Design Futures Network

Apollo plan

This work is based on the product and service design of Martian people’s nostalgia for the smell of the earth. The project built a future Mars base on Roblox, and proposed a series of futuristic concept products.

In the future, based on brain-computer interface, digitization, and sensory enhancement technologies, the human brain, sensory experience and artificial intelligence will be fully interconnected in the natural and virtual worlds. Even in the real world, humans can easily enjoy the rich five-sense expertise in the virtual world.

Product Design

We have conceived three intelligent products, mainly used to assist Martian drivers or other Martian residents and workers in learning how to operate. They are Chariot, a brilliant aircraft; Echo, an intelligent AI assistant; and Tinder, an awareness sensor.

Scenario Design

We improve the work experience and quality of life of Mars drivers through a stimulating immersive environment with a strong sense of presence and alleviating the nostalgia for the smell of the earth.