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We design for space wellbeing ​

The Space Economy is growing and evolving, together with the development and profound transformation of the space sector and the further integration of space into society and economy. Today, the deployed space infrastructure makes the development of new services possible, which in turn enables new applications, in sectors such as meteorology, energy, telecommunications, insurance, transport, maritime, aviation and urban development leading to additional economic and societal benefits. The space sector is not only a growth sector itself, but is the vital enabler of growth in other sectors.

Based on this background, students and professors from Tsinghua University launched the Space Futurescaping Initiative

We considered three situations of human space activities


Focus on the limitations of the cabin environment, and the integrated set products are manufactured and placed in the space capsule


Focus on people’s quality of life and comfortable experience


Focus on the future, when humans complete the Mars immigration plan, achieving self-sufficiency in off-planet bases

Research contents

Space Travel Experience Service Design

Design the future travel experience and smart living space under the background of the new space economy.

New Life Experience In Mars

Design the future human living space on Mars and create a livable life experience on Mars.

New Space Economy & City Change Maker

We will think about how to start our journey, how to land in the mysterious space, and how to live in the vast universe.

Design Process & Tools

Our team

We are an interdisciplinary team composed of students from different majors in Tsinghua University, including design, architecture, mechanical engineering, psychology, etc.

Leadership & Faculty Advisors

Lin Zhu

Founder & Director

Zhiyong Fu

Advisor & Mentor

Core Team

T.C Chen

Core Researcher & Designer

Jin Zhang

Core Researcher & Designer

Lucas Wang

Service Designer

Grey Yang

Service & Interaction Designer

Jiayuan Shi

Architecture Designer


Guest professor

Rong Guo, Beijing Institute of Space Science and Technology Information, Vice Director.

Michael Fox, Department of Architecture, College of Environmental Design, Professor.

Annalisa Dominoni, Politecnico di Milano, Professor.

Benedetto Quaquaro, Politecnico di Milano, Professor.

Weiqiang Sun, China Science and Technology Museum.


Graduate researchers

Yuanzhi Chen, Business Analysis.

Sitong Chen, Information Design.

Jinchen Shen, Journalism and Communication.

Yuqi Wang, Product Design.

Yunzhen Li, Information Management.

Ruisi Sun, Environment Design.

Yahui Zhang, Industrial Design.

Yanhong Chen, Psychology.

Shan Wang, Arts Management.

Mingyu Cui, Product Design.

Chiheng Li, Information Design.

Zhiyao Ma, Industrial Design.

Jian Li, Arts Management.

Zichong Chen, Business Administration.

Zirui Shan, Arts Management.

Qiong Wang, Architectural Design.

Tong Li, Psychology.

Yuhong Shen, Product Design.

Wei Hou, Business Administration.

Yihan Bao, Product Design.

Fengying Qian, Information Design.

Tianqi Bai, Information Design.