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Fitness on Mars

This project uses ergonomics, magnetic-based gravity field simulation, quantum communication, etc., as theoretical support. We explored how to help fitness coaches on Mars provide group fitness classes to users on Earth and Mars in a combination of online and offline methods in the Martian scenario, solve the problem of information delay, and achieve diverse fitness goals.

Product Design

We conceived a relatively complete fitness system in the Mars scenario, the main products are as follows.

flywheel bike

The flywheel is the most effective way to exercise the lower limbs in a low-gravity environment, and the quality of the flywheel is sufficient to complete the exercise of the lower limbs. But when we go to Mars, we can only carry a little load. Every gram of mass requires careful planning for the Mars advanced spacecraft. Therefore, our flywheel needs to bring only a little weight. When designing, we broke away from the traditional way and made bold innovations—using brushless servo motors to create damping for the flywheel to replace the role of flywheel mass.

Robot & Mechanical Arm Intelligent Fitness Trainer

For bodybuilders, scientific and practical fitness methods are very important, and people who live on Mars must master these skills. When more people come to Mars to survive in the future, it may be challenging to guarantee that everyone will be able to exercise —— a Mars fitness coach is critical. Mars fitness coaches are different from ordinary fitness coaches. They need to combine the most cutting-edge scientific research results for fitness guidance, so they cannot promptly convey the results to every bodybuilder. If they record fitness video guidance and teaching, Deviations in the process of information transmission may cause the imitation of actions to be challenging to achieve high-precision requirements. 

At this time, we need our AI and robot to appear on the stage. Thanks to the development of intelligent robot technology, we can already make the mechanical arm realize the teaching function, and the robot's action teaching is not a problem. Bodybuilders can get almost hands-on experience here—a fitness learning experience. 

And fitness coaches or human kinesiology scientists only need to show the action in front of the robot, and they can remember it. 

Furthermore, in the early days, human beings were looking for how to make educational resources sufficient and personalized. Robots also provided this solution. AI robot coaches will always pay attention to your physical health to provide supporting action teaching guidance. It's just needed on Mars.

Sleeping cabin & washroom

The sleeping cabin is used to ensure sound sleep for the members. A conventional Mars sleeping cabin is adopted, and users can adjust the temperature and humidity. At the same time, this is also a rescue capsule. When an emergency occurs on Mars, people can enter the interior and enter a hibernation state to survive with low power consumption. This concept is used in many science fictions works such as "Interstellar" and "The Wandering Earth." There are manifestations, and the survival of Mars is naturally inseparable from this infrastructure. The setting of the washroom is expected, but in fact, washing in space is a very luxurious thing. Although there are no various types of germs on Mars, people still have particular needs for hygiene and comfort. Now China has realized In addition to taking a bath on the space station, the product design of taking a bath on Mars is not a problem.

mechanical dog

People in distant space will have an intense yearning for home, and the stable environment and high-pressure work will make people feel depressed. The AI mechanical dog integrated with human intelligence can solve this problem. It is not only the life steward of the people living on Mars, it can sort out various materials for it, monitor the physical and mental conditions in real-time and give appropriate solutions, and it can also serve as a Martian robot. A good partner in life to accompany and comfort them when they are depressed. If you want to explore Mars, you can also wear VR glasses, let the mechanical dog go out to explore and send back images in real-time, broaden the life scene and gain a real Mars adventure experience.