Global Design Futures Network

Futurescaping 2023

Futurescaping is a key to unlocking the future, deducing and shaping collective imagination through prototype design and spatial narrative. It continually inspires our imagination of the unknown ahead, based on designing tools for the future, making the unknown and imaginative future tangible. The utopian perfect future has long been fading away, replaced by an imaginative prism that reflects reality, guiding us to deduce visible futures from the foresight of futurists, thinkers, and scientists.nd desirable future.

This exhibition, as the first academic research-oriented exhibition in China with “Futurescaping” as its theme, showcase tools and achievements in the interdisciplinary field of design and futures studies, helping us imagine the development trends of human society. The exhibition will present a diverse visual map of the future of design studies, a diagram of capabilities, a chart of methods and tools, and a map of evolutionary trends. It will respectively present the future cone and alternative futures, interdisciplinary knowledge and capacity construction of super-disciplines, the evolution of future research and trends in design transformation, and the process of design foresight and the toolkit of futures studies. Through visualization, the exhibition aims to popularize and envision the emerging interdisciplinary field of design futures studies to the public. The exhibited works will revolve around the themes of “empathic prototypes,” “digital domains,” and “new space narratives,” leading the audience to explore the symbiosis of humans and AI, the evolution of smart cities, and the vision of dwelling in space. Through the design and development of the research team, diverse future scenarios will be displayed. Future Scaping aims to stimulate the audience’s thoughts about the future and experience the potential of “designing the future.” “Designing the future” is not just an academic concept but also a call to action, urging the public to collectively engage in the construction of the future scaping with open-mindedness and rich imagination to co-create a more beautiful and desirable future.