Global Design Futures Network

ICDF 2020

The International Conference on Designing the Future (ICDF2020), hosted by Tsinghua University, takes place online from November 7-8 and 14-15, 2020. This conference invites experts and scholars from renowned domestic and international universities, laboratories, and institutions to discuss cutting-edge academic directions and share interdisciplinary innovative practices around the theme of “Design Futures.” It aims to provide a collaborative platform for educators, researchers, practitioners, students, and other interdisciplinary innovators in the fields of design and innovation, enabling exploration of frontier disciplines, discussion on future transformative directions, and the building of a cooperative platform for the international academic community.

Based on the foundations of design and futures studies, “Design Futures” looks at future research from a humanistic perspective, integrating macroscopic reflections on worldviews and values into products and services. It endows design with a temporal variable, treating the evolutionary process and trends as organic components of design. This approach injects future-oriented thinking into design considerations and events, helping creators contemplate current design and technological development directions from a future perspective.