Global Design Futures Network

ICDF 2021

Facing the new challenges of globalization in the post-pandemic era, futures literacy and design foresight have become indispensable qualities and capabilities for us to cope with uncertainty, enhance social and industrial resilience and achieve sustainable innovation. Continuing the theme of the First International Conference on Design Futures, in 2021, we hope to discuss the cutting-edge ideas, methods, and innovative practices of design futures in the fields of philosophy, aesthetics, science, and sociology from the perspectives of futures philosophy, futures education, futures creation and futures society in 2021.

ICDF 2021 invites internationally renowned experts and scholars in the fields of design, futurology, philosophy, science, and education to discuss the opportunities and challenges faced by mankind in the 21st century, to think about how to predict and deal with complex social problems, and to look into the futures from the perspective of design foresight.

ICDF 2021 hopes to promote the symbiosis and coordinated development of science and technology, economy, and society, and integrate futures thinking into innovation practices, so as to cope with and guide uncertain futures. This conference will look into the futures with a foresight vision, explore the futures in the construction of a community with a shared future, and rethink the responsibility and mission of design education, and work together with stakeholders in various fields to create a mutually preferable future.