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Liang Ye

The user’s physical health should not be ignored, and we have considered this. To better meet the health needs of space travelers during their travels, we designed “Liang Ye,” a bold exploration and experience accumulation to construct a medical security system for future space travel.

Product Design

We have divided the products into 3 types, namely:Health care products, intelligent agent, and a soft medical cabin.

XR Headset

The smart helmet can upload the user's physical health data in real time, and has the purpose of interacting with other smart products and interfaces.

Sensory Gloves & Information terminal String

Different materials are used inside and outside the smart glove, which is both functional and comfortable. Smart terminals can provide users with smart consultation services and medical support。

3S Medical support suit

Cabin Interior Design

The design process of the medical capsule has given us a lot of imagination about the future space economy. The large number of inspiring materials provided by the teacher allowed us to understand the difference between space and the earth fully. It provided sufficient background knowledge support for product design. During the design process, we conducted research on medical technology itself. This part of the work allowed us to understand that an indeed implemented product design is a complex and unconstrained idea but a deep insight into the real needs of users and create user-friendly products. Value product service process