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Mars Daily

It took nearly 200 years for the Earth to go from near destruction to the ecologically green planet it is now, and mankind, having learned a bitter lesson and determined not to overexploit the Earth, turned its focus to the universe. In 2660, human technology continued to develop and began to explore outer space for a habitable second planet. After initial exploration, Mars was screened as the first pilot destination by the Earth Federation.

In this project, we conceived the image of Chris, an astronaut, as our core user. Our vision is to help future Martian residents solve problems such as media communication and emotional maintenance through the multimedia system on Mars.

System Design

Our system mainly includes 6 products: a camera, drone, camera car, holographic projection stage, daily vegetable cup and letter reading tower.

We have launched 5 channels for Mars Daily which are science, nature, life, music and news.

Scenario Design