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Marsoil Plan

In 2070, the population of the earth will reach 12 billion. Problems such as climate warming caused by carbon emissions in the past have brought specific challenges to human beings. Global ocean circulation has changed, and 30% of the population lives under extreme heat conditions. To explore the possibility of survival in the extraterrestrial environment, the United Nations organized a group of experts in various fields to form the first Mars exploration team to live on Mars.
Based on this background, we proposed Marsoil Plan, aims to provide vegetable supplies to the Mars base and make the Mars base full of vitality.

Product Design

Greenbot is a movable potted plant robot with a spherical appearance. It can be linked with the kitchen to providing food for humans, and it can also adjust the planting environment according to the needs of plants. In addition, GreenBot can collect Martian sample soil, remove perchlorate and adjust the ratio of elements to make the soil more conducive to the growth of crops.

System Design

Marsoil plan conducts plant planting research based on Mars soil, rationally allocates the data and products in the research process, and achieves the maximum benefit and sustainability in the research process.

Conceptual Scenario

Our Mars base consists of a multi-layer structure above ground and underground, and its composition is shown in the figure below.



Base hall

Breeding room

fertilizer room & Cultivation room