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We set the timeline around 2050 and conceived ErafireX, a public welfare dance party plan based on space social space. Users on Earth can enter the ErafireX social cabin through XR devices to interact closely with passengers in space.

Cabin Interior Design

The surface of the cabin space is covered with an 8K display, which can provide a panoramic display using images from the earth and the space environment. Its core concept is to infinitely expand the space in the cabin through the combination of virtual and real.

Products Design

Our products have different functions and shapes, but they form a whole with each other. In product design and naming, we drew inspiration from the Marvel Universe. In the end, we named the products respectively: Eye of Agamotto(motion capture robot), Mark4(tactile suit), Dimension Gate(interactive screen) and Mind Stone(holographic projection)

"Eye of Agamotto"

This robot scans the user's 3D dynamic data through an ultra-clear depth camera, generates a 1:1 virtual image of the user, and transmits the image to the cloud server via satellite. Users on Earth can see and interact with avatars of space tourists in XR glasses.

"Mark 4"

The tactile suit can support users in space to interact with users on the earth in virtual space, generating real-time simulated tactile sensations. In addition, the suit can also monitor the user's real-time physiological data to ensure the user's health in space.

"Dimension Gate"

It integrates mature transparent technology glass that has been put into the market as the background, combined with the 270-degree panoramic screen of air medium holographic projection technology and the built-in optical sensor device on the front to realize the action recognition and interactive functions. It integrates the user's three-dimensional information with audio-visual and touch-integrated interaction in any corner of the world.

"Mind Stone"

Mind Stone can project users participating in the ball on the earth into the social cabin through holographic images and interact with passengers in the space station.

Service System Design

ErafireX Plan envisions a huge ecosystem, from earth infrastructure to space hospital construction, from earth users to passengers in the space station, so that every user can experience the feeling of being in space as much as possible. The program's ultimate goal is to use the space economy to feed back the earth's infrastructure.

ErafireX hopes to use the nature of public welfare to invest part of the income from space travel in the construction of earth retirement facilities to alleviate the ageing problem; part of the investment in space medical services to help human well-being.