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Ru Lai

The “Ru Lai” space life experience cabin follows inclusive design. We propose innovative solutions such as centrifugal planting and automatic induction food processors, aiming to help disadvantaged groups better adapt to the weightless environment of space and create a sense of happiness in space.

Product Design

We proposed a smart planting base, a time simulatior, a plant processor and a plant wrapper.

Planting Base

The plant planting base generates gravity through the centrifugal force generated by the rotation of the outer wall to ensure the normal growth of plants. Its specific magnetic structure enables it to attach to the inner surface of the cabin.

time simulatior

The time simulator simulates the time of the earth by controlling the color and intensity of the light, thereby stimulating the growth of plants.

plant processor

Plant processors can automatically convert plants into edible food. Users only need to put plants in, and then choose the type of food to generate.

plant Wrapper

The plant wrapper can package plants in space to generate space plants that can be kept as souvenirs for users.

We believe that in the future, everyone has the right to experience space, whether it is children or the elderly, it should be included. Therefore, we designed from the perspective of the elderly. It is hoped that future space travel will also be inclusive of disadvantaged groups and make their lives more meaningful.