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TNG Universe

The “TNG” program is a training program for passengers about to enter space. Its goal is to establish a more accurate space motion model through training, improve the accuracy of space training system simulation, and make space travel more efficient. At the same time, the plan also hopes to help users adapt to the space environment in advance and ensure the smooth travel of users through the simulation of the space environment.

Product Design

We designed four products, which are AI monitor, training exoskeleton, monitoring clothes and EED headband.

AI Monitor

The smart brain work screen is the main tool for information projection, and it is a device that integrates AI smart brain and display screen.

training exoskeleton

Training exoskeleton Through the research on the human body, the physiological parameters of the human body are extracted, applied in the exoskeleton, and the motion model is established.

monitoring clothes

The biological monitoring clothes will collect the user's physical data and help the brain center to monitor the physical condition of the astronauts at all times.

EED headband

The EED headband can safely capture brain waves and output brain power spectrum to confirm the user's signal and status.

We have designed a set of products and services for training and monitoring for this design according to the user's space training needs. We have carried out the targeted design for the user's needs, and the overall plan is relatively complete. But the technical details and innovation can continue to be refined. Overall, TNG Universe provides a system training opportunity for users who are about to enter space travel, helping them better adapt to the space environment they are about to arrive at.