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XU Mi Plan

The Xu Mi Plan aims to help plant researchers solve the problem of plant growth in the space environment, cultivate new plant varieties, and enrich the treasure house of human plants. Xu Mi conceived a complete space breeding space and equipped with advanced ground-air collaborative equipment, so scientists far away on the earth can also check the growth status of plants and perform related operations on plants.

Product Design

We designed four products, which are climate bottle, tactile glove, experimental machine and digital glasses.

Climate Bottle

The climate bottle automatically recognizes the plant species through the camera, simulates the temperature, humidity, light intensity and other information of the plant on the earth, and then simulates desert, tropical, ocean and other climates. This product can help plant engineers improve cultivation efficiency and can be interconnected with the essential intelligent equipment of the space capsule.

tactile glove

Tactile Glove can transmit and measure multi-dimensional information and physical quantities. When used with bionic eyes, it can sense information such as temperature and humidity during research. At the same time, it can touch and interact with the remote end. Touching various parts of the plant will get different information.

experimental Machine

The experimental machine is used to conduct remote collaborative experiments with the Earth Research Center, such as the control experiment between the space rose and the earth rose. A 3D digital twin is created for every object that is put into the fax machine.

Digital Glass

Digital Glass is a contact lens with an electronic chip that can remotely communicate, record and share images with Earth-related researchers. The eye fully protects user privacy and can encrypt and decrypt data. In addition, the product uses XR technology, which can display the information of the plant cultivation experiment cabin

Interior Design

Facing the prospects of space travel and even space living, "Project Xu Mi" will continue to pay attention to more possibilities of space breeding, not only for the cultivation of flowers and green plants but also for the cultivation of crops, to create comfortable and convenient inject more life into the space capsule.