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Netshell is a workspace that supports creative workers, which integrates smart products and an interactive environment. It aims to help creative workers solve the problems of exhaustion of creative inspiration, lack of familiar environment, solitude, and need for external connection in the ps space using writing capsule and human-computer cooperation to achieve the goal of connecting with the outside world and creating conveniently in the space environment.

system Map

The system is mainly composed of four parts: the creation porthole, an intelligent robot assistant, a space periscope, and a smart ring.


The name Nunu is inspired by small bugs, which are the fastest messengers between heaven and earth, which can help users manage the cabin and communicate with the earth.

Functions of nunu

Space-time day report: every 8 hours report to the user the position of the universe and the London time of the earth; report every day the astronomical phenomena that will appear in the next 24 hours and are worth observing

NetShell Cabin Environmental Voice Control: You can adjust the brightness of the cabin lights, fragrance and taste, and the size of the ambient sound.

Holographic projection and camera: s a camera for ground-space holographic projection dialogue

Keyboard input assistance: The robot can project a virtual keyboard to type on any surface when using the Nigel ring.


Needle Symbolizes Branches And Leaves, Which Fall Off After Maturity. His Role Is To Accompany The Flight Outside The Cabin And Independently Take Pictures Of Space Scenes.

Needle can leave the station to shoot within 200km of the Spatial space hotel, and can also perform suspension tracking on a space-flying object (such as a comet)


Nigel is a smart ring that helps authors type on any physical surface.After wearing Nigel, the user can cooperate with the virtual keyboard projected by Nunu for virtual keyboard input.


Nest is a smart creation porthole that blends in with your work environment. It can provide users with creative inspiration through multi-modal methods such as sound, image, and smell and is a powerful tool to support users in creative work.

Overall structure of Netshell